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They deserve a healthier life.

We harness the power of science to support animal health and performance and create natural, healthy and sustainable solutions for them.

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As vetQom Animal Health:

We Work in the Light of Science..


Expert Team

In all our units, with our colleagues and respected professors who are experts in their fields, we are constantly working to offer a healthier life to our little friends in the light of science.



Since the first day we started to serve the sector, we have been producing the right solutions for our dear friends, who are indispensable for our different perspectives and innovative approaches.



The raw materials we use in our formulations have the same quality as the raw materials used in human health. In short, we never use anything for them that we would not use for ourselves.



In order to create a world-class product at all production stages, we prefer technological infrastructures that fulfill high-level requirements and we regularly check these infrastructures with precision.

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