Implex 100 ml

immune complex


Developed to support immune system

 th its high quality Lysine, Beta Glucan, Echinacea, Arginine and Glutamine, it supports the immune system and helps to reduce the risk of getting diseases. It aims to increase the quality of life of our little friends.

With its innovative semi-fluid formulation and delicious consistency, it is ensured that our little friends consume an effective amount of the product without being stressed.

ingredients : 

Lysine, Beta Glucan, Echinacea, Arginine, Glutamine

Usage :

For Cats: 3-4 pumps of product per day are added to their daily meals.

For Dogs: Up to 10 kg. of body weight 3-4 pumps, between 10-18 kg. of body  weight 4-6 pumps , between 18-25 kg. of body weight 6-8 pumps, 25 kg. and above body weight  9-10 pumps of product are used by adding to their daily meals.